"Strong storyline, incredible world building a Five star read! The first few chapters contain a lot of character building as well as setting up the tone for the story.

I will warn pay attention to the little things in the first couple chapters - because later in the story you will wish you had! That is the only spoiler I am giving - because once we "think we knew who is who and what is going on -Willett lets go and I have to say -Lock your seatbelts and place your trays in the upright position - you are in for some turbulence.

I never saw most of the twists coming and even now I am not sure in which direction the story or even Lauren is going to go -I honestly can't blame her - I have trouble choosing between the two lead males myself - excellent lead characters!

I am eagerly awaiting the next book!"

A Wonderful World of Words

Alpha-male CEO

Strong & witty heroine 

Ben is wickedly possessive 

He is used to getting what he wants

Be prepared for twists and turns



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"I absolutely fell in love with this series, and the author did not disappoint with the final book. Alexandria Moore's long time fantasy has come true. She's the wife of Hollywood's sexy leading man, Andrew Hughes. Nothing is simple though in a Hollywood marriage though, and they have gone through their share of dangerous minefields. With the love of their families, they are able to wade through the shark infested waters, but just as they thought things would calm down, will the new bigger pressures of Hollywood tear them apart?

WOW! I was captivated cover to cover. The character development continues to be amazing, with the awesome secondaries that only added to the awesomeness of this story. A highly addicting, beautiful, and well written story line flows effortlessly. ZN Willett does a fantastic job in writing, in my opinion, a realistically Hollywood relationship story, and not Disney happily ever after with cute forest creatures. The hot sexy scenes are awesome, and well placed humor had me laughing hard. Twists and turns are everywhere, and the all consuming love is magnificent while making me sigh in longing. I CANNOT WAIT to read more by this author in the future, so I happily HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Jennifer Pierson, The Power of Three Readers

"A love story involving two strong personalities who clash repeatedly, both personally and professionally. If you love a story filled with passion and drama, this is the book for you.

The couple run hot and cold, the hot usually winning out, thanks to his resolve to prove to his reluctant business partner they are worth fighting for.

He is cocky, arrogant, high-handed, and is used to getting what he wants.
She is driven, intelligent, and determined to prove him wrong.
Who will come out the victor?
Read to find out!"

Melanie Moreland New York Times and USA Today bestselling author