For Lauren Moreau, the truth trapped her, the lies and deceit ensnared her.
What she knew to be goodness and love, now a fairytale of despair and hopelessness.
The love of her life, Cary Baine, was an Angel.
Her boyfriend, Jackson Cruz, a demon groomed by Hollywood.
Everything she believed in wasn’t real.   


Blending in, in a city as large as Paris, was Lauren's only sanctuary.  A sanctuary built out of glass with the illusion of strength, protection, and sanity she wore around her.  However, when Jackson surprises her, her simple Parisian life is over with a snap of a lens.  Hollywood had found her, and the glass she safely looked out into the world now feels like a cage.  Old rumors surface, and as Lauren fled her new life, she failed to see the crack in the glass.  

Lauren is forced to accept the assistance of Cary Baine and struggles with her feelings toward him.  The love that was buried deep inside her begins to stir the closer they become.  She starts to feel hopeful about their possibility.  Hope for a maybe or a someday until Cary introduces her to his new girlfriend, and the crack in the glass grows bigger.
Brokenhearted, Lauren begins down a darker path.  Once driven by love, faith, and hope, now the innocence of her youth will be tossed aside.  New friendships, desires, lusts, and gratifications will awaken.
Yet when the crack breaks the fragile sanctuary she created, Lauren will have to decide to accept fate or bleed as it all crashes down



"I love Z.N. Willett's talented writing style, as it's highly addictive, but I never saw this one coming! To me, it makes her diabolically brilliant, and highly original!"

The Power of Three Readers

 "This story is not like anything I’ve ever read before, except maybe the first book! This author does everything right with this story! An absolute must read.!"

Author H. B. Jasick

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This is no simple Hollywood story of famous boy meets ordinary girl, who then fall in love and live happily ever after.

This is about the town of dreamers and make believers; skilled at casting spells of deception and deceit. And what happens when the spell is lifted, and everything that you believe in is merely an illusion?

When the world of happily ever after is altered and obscured, and not only by one enticing man?

For Lauren Moreau, her journey is full of raw emotions that will tempt you with curiosity and intrigue, and squeeze out passion and angst until your heart bleeds.

This is Hollywood, after all...


A Hollywood explosion has occurred after photos sprung up of the infamous, Jackson Cruz, in an intimate embrace with an unknown named Lauren Moreau.

They met while he was in New Orleans filming the Primal Darkness series with his on-screen (and rumored off-screen) love interest Zara Tilly. Reps for both Cruz and Tilly have been silent.

No one knows how this will affect the highly anticipated film’s release. These two are holding all the cards for David Black, studio head and the mastermind of the Primal Darkness phenomenon. Sources say that Black is out for blood.

Hollywood, nothing is ever as it seems.