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Intriguing events happen in the bayou when Hollywood comes to town.

Lauren’s gap year is supposed to be about making extra money and figuring out what to do with the next phase of her life. Realistically, it’s a break between taking care of her alcoholic brother and certified insane mother. She deserves to have some fun, and to find trouble.

However, trouble follows Lauren, with its wicked sense of humor, and thought it would be fun to gift her two love interests, who happen to be rivals.

Her first gift is Latin heartthrob Jackson Cruz. Along with his notorious reputation, he is a cocky, self-righteous, sexy-as-hell actor, who doesn’t take no for an answer. They meet while he’s filming in her small town near New Orleans.

Cary Bain is her second bequest. While he is equal in fame, looks, and fortune, his brotherly intentions toward Lauren are heartfelt. That’s the problem.

Two totally different men, with their own unique brand of trouble.

They both have one thing in common, and Lauren will find out it isn’t only her.

Dive into this sweet, yet sexy as hell, angel paranormal.